If you are in the business world, then you should learn from the sporting world.

There is a thin line between the sporting and business worlds. Between them they consist of players, executives, athletes and entrepreneurs who all work within competitive environments where their survival depends on their results.

Both of these two worlds are unpredictable, full of fierce competition, rapidly changing and the longer you are in them the more chance that you will eventually fail. This takes a special kind of person to survive in such conditions.

For someone to thrive and succeed in business they need more than just knowledge of their sector, they also must possess the ability to consistently execute their skillset and be at their best on a daily basis.

For this to happen they must have the correct mindset and have the mental strategies in place that allow them to:

1. Overcome failure

2. Perform on demand and when under pressure

3. Confidently face adversity from inside and outside of their company

4. Remain motivated and focused

5. Problem-solve on the go

6. Be creative

7. Adjust in an ever-changing environment

8. Create value to those around

9. Be team leaders and/or team players

These may seem like a lot of personal skills for one person (or a group) to have but this is all possible if they possess the right mindset and outlook. If they learn the mental skills that allow them to freely perform and so removing their own performance blockers, then all of the above is perfectly achievable.

In sport we train sportsmen and sportswomen to create the mental strategies that help them do all of this, they too have to perform on demand in an unpredictable environment and need the self-belief to see them through. That is why the business world can take a lot from the sporting world.

Every company (and sports team) is a reflection of the people within it and the mindset that they possess.

Take the time to learn

So this is a short message to all company owners, executives, entrepreneurs and anyone who is working their way to the top in their company, take the time to learn from top athletes and from those who compete in sport.

In the next blog I will post my top 3 sports books where you can do just that.