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We all have times when things get tough, when we need to share the load or when we have to start admitting the truth about the way we are being, it's part of life, but often we start with the motivation to change things only to lose it and fall back into our self defeating ways.


Well that's where a personal coach can help. A personal coach is someone who does for your mentality and life what a fitness trainer does for you body, they help you regain or unearth your inner power so you can achieve the goals you want.


A good coach has successfully worked with people who were going through what you are stuck with today, often the coach even suffered from the same episode in the past so they know first hand how to overcome your pain.


The coach then teaches you how to improve yourself and the situation so you can get what you want.


They motivate you, hold you accountable and are your buddy for personal success whether that be emotional or material.


They have the strategies in place to help you reach your goals faster than if you did it on your own, they are like personal success consultants within their chosen specialised area.


Whether you want to earn millions, become a world champion or fix your relationship, having a good / experienced coach in your corner to offer you the most effective tools and solutions will save you a lot of time, money and effort.


All coaches have certain areas where they excel and specialise in more, Enzo's are the following:


- How to massively increase your confidence, in life, at work, with people, for public speaking, etc.

- How to overcome your past so it no longer disrupts your future

- How to improve your people skills

- How to lead your team and have a toolbox of persuasion skills

- How to fix your intimate relationships

- How to find and attract your next partner

- How to regain your self belief

- How to generate massive motivation for life, career or other areas

- How to live a happier life and overcome mild depression


Enzo believes he was put on this earth to help others live their lives and to this day every single client he has worked with has benefited from his strategies and energy.


Just as with Peak Performance Coaching below you can see some examples of how you can recieve direct coaching from Enzo.


Every person / group Enzo works with has their own timescale and schedule so the coaching can fit into your life with very little disruption.



This is a very popular option due to its cost effectiveness and ease of access.


Using the Distance Coaching option you can recieve your personal coaching sessions in the comfort of your own home or wherever you may be.


Through Skype Enzo can coach you using any (or a mixture) of the following:

Text Based 

Voice Call

Video Call


Obviously you can use the normal telephone or other services should you prefer.


Prices start from as low as £30 per session.



The title says it all, you will meet with Enzo to hold a session face to face.


This is the perfect option if you want Enzo right there with you for a one to one coaching partnership where you actively reach your goals together.


This can take place at any destination of your choice, at your home, at our property on the beach or a hired venue. 


This also includes seminars, if you would like Enzo to hold a workshop with a room full of people then he has just the thing for you.



Feel free to contact Enzo directly below to either ask for more information on his coaching sessions or to see if he can help you.


He will reply to you as soon as possible.